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A Scene from my Quarantine…

Here is a shot from my walk to work… a long time ago..

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Share Your New Website Link & Progress

Dear CT101 Students,

I hope this message finds you well! For the last few weeks we have been working on building our own personal WordPress websites. It is time to share your website link here in the comments section below.

I will add mine as the first example, which is –

So take a look below to see the examples.

The purpose of this is to allow for us to see your progress individually and to see each others (your classmates) progress in various phases of the development process. I would also like for you to visit each other’s websites and leave questions and comments to further initiate some inquiry.

Please know, if you have not started this yet, its OK, you can catch up by following the videos in this blog post here, it cover the whole process:

Also, if you are seeking some one on one help via a video chat session where we can share our screens, let me know, Im happy to help and walk you through the process, just e-mail me to set up a time –

Paste your website link below!