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But what exactly is the “energy” that makes it all work? Can that energy be extracted & applied from a human in a deep meditative state?

What does ⁦@co1born⁩ & @artnome say about this?

Dos punk #166 reporting for duty, ⁦@DOSPunksNFT⁩ - by ⁦@maxcapacity⁩ - great fun - presentation certainly demands creative intervention! #projector

Enjoying this piece in my collection by the great ⁦@maxcapacity 🔥🔥⁩ - I tend to data project loops for hours! How do you spend time enjoying your NFTs? Do you project? 😊📽 #process

Got me a data projector to view my NFTs / crypro-art collection - perhaps Ill make a video of the regular screening process..

This robotics trend, lets make some robots! Ill admit that Im both consciously & unconsciously very affected by the many technological booms of the last 5 years, but watching @Tesla 's robot building project has blown my circuits. Im equally intrigued as I am terrified

The ability to “Inspect” any web page on the Internet for its code is a metaphor in and of itself that we all overlook and take for granted…

The artist, the physicist, the programmer, the meditation teacher, the game designer & the storyteller formed a collaboration and your life changed forever... See you "there".


Soo happy to be at this WILD party set up by the great @ScorpDag with all these wonderful artists including @flopaland @Truth_Decay_ @juliangallese and @TysonBodnarchuk 🤟🔥🔥🔥
Soon on @withFND 🚀💥💫
#NFTCommunity #nftcollectors #NFTartists #NFTdrop

James Kerr / Scorpion Dagger@ScorpDag

IN THE PIT!!! Super pumped to share this sick collaboration with some truly amazing people.
Dropping soon.
Featuring: @flopaland @Truth_Decay_ @juliangallese @v5mt_tv @TysonBodnarchuk with a song by Ryan Battistuzzi!

gm - Not to worry, "Montage 4 in Monotones" will loop seamlessly, this is just a lil preview.. @twitter seems to like mp4 video over mov video formats, either way, I'm excited to share this new body of work. Many fragments.
#cryptoart #animation #motiongraphics #aremesenterprises

Production is underway. Each “chip” has its own dharma, each story will be told, each individual chip will be activated specifically through an animation. Yours is coming.. #wip #loop #comingsoon

Advanced technological forms interacting with-in the 2D grid - X & Y axis co-ordinates (magic not included..)

So sorry to hear about the loss of #colwallnuts - a super talented artist, supporter & a sweetheart of a guy. RIP brother. 🙏🙏💔

7 years ago today, I was 1 week away from launching the largest curating project I had undertaken - #concretetodata opened on 1/26/2015 - the website serves as archive & peek into the future we know today..

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